Since the launch of the site a few users have had problems accessing areas of the site due to login failures or incorrect passwords.

This website grants you the ability to reset your password and have the new login details delivered directly to the email account you registered with.

To do this please visit the Login Page and select the forgot password link.

Frequently Asked Questions

My password does not work / My password says its a $ and I cant login?

A number of users seem to have been sent an incorrect password for their accounts, if your email states that your password is a a $ please use this tool to have a new password sent to your email address. If you do not remember your user name or you find the automated recovery does not work please contact support

How do I login to the website?

To login to the website please click here. If you are an existing user and you have forgotten your password please click here and enter your user name and email address for a new password.

I cannot remember my user name?

If you cannot remember your user name please contact us and a member of our support team will provide you with your updated login details.

How do I register?

Registration on Swooper Coach is easy . Provide a user name of your choice and provide your current, working email address and a confirmation email will be sent directly to your email account, once you have followed the instructions contained within this email your account will be active and you can access all the content available on Swooper Coach and make comments on John's Blog and in other areas of the site.

Click here to view membership options.  You will need a PayPal account or credit card to register.

Are my username and password case sensitive?

Yes. Both your user name and password are case sensitive and must be entered correctly to login to the website.

Need Help Viewing Attachments?

In some cases Microsoft PowerPoint will be required to view the content provided by John.  Please install the Free PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft for your relevant device by using the links below - this will allow you to view and open attachments on the site.