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Helping your fellow coach

Can we help a fellow coach?I have very recently been appointed as coach for one of our clubs under 8 sides. 99% of these junior players have just come up into the under 8’s for their first season from under 6’s.

Coaches Stressing Out Prior to Game

Stress is a feeling that’s created when you react to certain events. It’s the body’s way of rising to a challenge and preparing to meet a tough situation.

AFL Football Operations Rule changes

AFL Football Operations Manager Adrian Anderson said the Commission and the Laws of the Game Committee had studied detailed examinations of the trends in AFL football over the last 40 years. “The core objective of the AFL Commission, and the Laws of the Game committee, when examining the direction of our game is to enhance…

Aussie Rules Football

Aussie rules football has been played for over 100 years at various levels throughout Australia. It has been well documented that the game, which is a mixture of Soccer, Gaelic Football and Rugby, was created to keep cricketers fit during winter. The first official game of football was played in the parklands of Melbourne in…

Nurturing Local Leagues and Talent for the Future of Football

Abolish the VFL Reserves and strengthen local football. This is a solution to the notion that football is all about the AFL and to hell with grass roots clubs where, by the way, most AFL footballers started their careers. While the VFL is clearly a “reserves” arrangement for the AFL where all VFL clubs now…


Paul Salmon and Craig Bradley are rarities in AFL football. They have played on until their late thirties. Most players retire much earlier, their bodies and capacity to endure the physical punishment of games, year in and year, out forcing them to give the game away. We may well ask why players do not endure…

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