Correct Running Technique

A correct running technique is crucial to ensuring your players maximise their energy use and also a great way to avoid injury. We have put together 15 Video demonstrations of proper running techniques and an explanation for you to follow. Check it out and if make sure to post a comment if you have any questions or suggestions of your own.

The Warm Up

Warm Up

This can be the least motivating and most undesirable part of training for the footballer. However it is an area requiring structure and thought if coaches are to help their players improve their running technique.

The warm up must prepare the players to a level where high speed activities can be performed. The warm up should begin with slow running or an activity that uses the larger muscle groups of the body.

Once the warm up has been completed, then a series of running drills can be performed to teach the players how to run correctly. Some of the drills are as follows:

Drill Guidelines

Warm Up

Each drill should be performed over 20 metres, before each drill each player should:

  • Lean forward slightly - place shoulders in front of hips.
  • " Stand Tall " throughout the drill.
  • Contract their stomach and flatten their back.
  • Relax through the shoulders and upper body.
  • While running keep the head still and eyes looking forward.

You should continually re-inforce these messages to your players whilst they are undertaking each drill to ensure they are completed correctly.

Browse to the next page for the first of our suggested running drills which covers, High Knees Marching / Skipping / Running.

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