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The result of over 40 years of experience of the VFL/AFL legend John Northey.

Over this time, John has gathered volumes of data and proven strategies on the game of Australian Rules Football which he has now decided to share with the rest of the world.

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Ranging in topics and may often include a free football drill that can be discussed directly with John and the Swooper Coach team.

Emotions in the Game

Learning about ourselves. Players highlight which answer is relevant to them, the Coach can have either a group discussion or an individual session with the players/player.

Emotions on the training Track

Learning about ourselves. Players highlight which answer is relevant to them, the Coach can have either a group discussion or an individual session with the players/player.


Football Netball, All the emotions of life are here. Youth coaching in sport can, should and must develop the physical, tactical, technical/ skill, but also the social and the emotional. It must be a holistic practice and must start and finish with the Youth. Common wisdom tells us it is good for the youngster to…


Connecting the Elements of Training within the Session Plan Doc 3 Each coaching session must have balance between physical, social, technical/skill, tactical/team play and mental, at a very minimum. The effectiveness of the session depends on the connection of all the elements and the balance between them. This is not to say you can’t change…

CONNECTIONS Fellow Coaches, PARENTS, the Game.

CONNECTIONS Fellow Coaches, PARENTS, the Game. Coaching is guiding not controlling, it is inspiring not forcing. It is finding the sweet spot where you stretch them enough to nurture growth. Truly great coaches coach the game within the youth, through intelligent practice design and providing the correct learning environment; by providing the appropriate challenge and…

Coaching the Youngsters

It is truly motivating and inspiring to them. They must be motivated to continue to strive and work to bigger and better things. That hunger must be nurtured in them. Talk about ten years time, when they will (maybe) playing senior Football/Netball for the club and showing their best form with the ability they have. Help them grow their Love of the Club. Make them feel they belong, like they are connected at home and inspire them to continue to contribute.

Free AFL Football Drills

Drills to assist you in your coaching journey.

On field Leadership

What more can we say? Hawthorn Football Club are very lucky to have a player on the ground like this.  The multiple Norm Smith Medals probably indicate that as well though of course.  Watch the video below, share it your team if they missed it.  Communication is the key.  You should have leaders re-enforcing the…


Tackling – How are you coaching it? Are you? With the increasing fear of concussion and injury now becoming more apparent with the increase in medical knowledge, the fear of parents to place their children at risk and the rise in popularity of other sports without such issues – not to mention the now almost…

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