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CONNECTIONS Fellow Coaches, PARENTS, the Game.

CONNECTIONS Fellow Coaches, PARENTS, the Game. Coaching is guiding not controlling, it is inspiring not forcing. It is finding the sweet spot where you stretch them enough to nurture growth. Truly great coaches coach the game within the youth, through intelligent practice design and providing the correct learning environment; by providing the appropriate challenge and…

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Coaching the Youngsters

It is truly motivating and inspiring to them. They must be motivated to continue to strive and work to bigger and better things. That hunger must be nurtured in them. Talk about ten years time, when they will (maybe) playing senior Football/Netball for the club and showing their best form with the ability they have. Help them grow their Love of the Club. Make them feel they belong, like they are connected at home and inspire them to continue to contribute.

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Coaches Interview

A questionaire from one of my members. Coach Interview I had a few years ago. G’day John, if you could provide as much feedback for the questions as possible, it’d be very much appreciated. Thanks for your time! What is your coaching philosophy? Footy is not a hard game to play Everyone in the football…

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For our Coaches (Puzzle)

Puzzle How many triangles in the centre square of the MCG Puzzle How many angles  

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Keeping in shape

Keeping in shape. Even though we don’t know when footy/ sport may start again  we need to maintain our fitness. Attached is a PPS for your perusal. Click on heading. When open Click to move to the next slide. Keeping in Shape  

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Walking the Boundary

Start training by walking the boundary and pointing out certain areas and what happens in this part of the ground. I would only do one section prior to training so the young players understand  and retain  the instructions given. (idea only) Attached is a PPS click on the heading. Walking the boundary and Positions  

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